Pen & Forge Productions

More than just good books

Welcome to the Forge! Pen & Forge Productions is a Canadian Indie book publisher that has been focusing on quality rather than quantity for over ten years. Aside from telling a story each book holds so much more, engaging the reader while urging them to think outside the box, think ahead, and think for themselves. Click on the titles above to see what they have to offer while exploring the free downloads available for each one.

What started as a venue to release an original gaming book has become much more. Pen & Forge was created by Chris Young in April, 2012 in response to a manuscript rejection. What was only intended to be a hobby of producing gaming books has now developed into a constant pursuit of producing inspiring publications of all sorts. Whether you’re an avid fan of old-school d20 gaming, or somebody looking for a little inspiration through a difficult time in your life, or if you’d like to read an apocalyptic adventure while understanding the book of Revelation a little better along the way, there’s something here for you.

You can follow my sporadic updates on Facebook, or if you wish to contact me directly you can send an email to :

Don’t forget to visit the gift shop on your way out of the dungeon!

From stickers and magnets to mugs and shirts, there’s something for everyone at the Pen & Forge Redbubble shop. All of the amazing black and white artwork from the Path of Legends books is now being coloured and loaded onto product.