Second Prophecy - Book 1: The Choice

It Has Been Written

Despite the hype and speculation, the second coming of Christ had seemingly been postponed. A much-anticipated 2012 went by without so much as a hiccup from an angry god. People were so obsessed with the idea of global destruction that the absence of annihilation was a slight disappointment. Where were the famed four horsemen? What had happened to the rivers of blood? Was all that doomsday preparation for nothing? The notion quickly faded like an internet fad as the world resumed its regular routine, so imagine their surprise when something began a few years later. Those biblical signs were finally being witnessed. Things were beginning to happen, but was it just a coincidence? Why wasn’t it happening exactly as scripture described? Had the prophecy changed? Something wasn’t adding up. Then came the sign that couldn’t be ignored. Even the angels themselves took notice as an act of cosmic proportions changed the Earth forever. Had the Lord of the Earth overstepped his bounds while managing to keep the balance in check? There was little choice but to watch helplessly as events unfolded, but that didn’t mean that the Aiōn of the Heavens had to like it. Something was amiss in the mortal realm, and someone would have to answer for it.

The print version of Second Prophecy: The Choice has a special end of story journal at the back, complete with the entire Book of Revelation from the King James version of the Bible, but the journal is also available as a free PDF download for those who prefer digital reading.

Second Prophecy - Book 1: The Choice

Second Prophecy - Book 1: The Choice: Amazon kindle price

Second Prophecy - Book 2: The Awakening

A House Divided

The Lord brooded on his golden throne as he reflected on the past three years. He had risked eternal conflict by bringing salvation to mankind, yet he sensed dissatisfaction within his walls; His Legion finally had the peace they craved, yet there was a hint of dissension in the ranks; the Veil assured celestial protection, yet something passed through despite the impossibility of an Immortal surviving such an ordeal. It would seem that sparing mankind from certain destruction was to be rewarded only with the tribulation of uncertainty.

Delve deeper into the secrets of Second Prophecy as events unfold across the realms. Step into the golden city’s web of life as Elle pursues her dream of becoming a Doe; learn more about the mysterious Soriah and the events that led her to the Daughters of Ephraim; follow the celestial warrior known only as the Redeemed on his quest to infiltrate the impenetrable Veil while the Aiōn of heaven can do nothing but stand by and watch from on high. Brace yourself for the continuous twists and turns of Second Prophecy: The Awakening as old truths and new lies pull you in to the adventure of a lifetime – one you will never forget, and may wish you had never started.

As with all of the books at Pen & Forge, the print versions are by far the superior item with great lengths taken to add graphic content that compliments the story. The print version of Second Prophecy: The Awakening has a special, end of story journal at the back, complete with an excerpt from the Gnostic gospel On the Origin of the World. The journal is also available as a free PDF download for those who prefer to read with kindle.

Feel free to peruse the excerpts below to get a feel for the book. You can also download the Angelic
name generator below and figure out your own angelic name as it would appear in true, biblical

Second Prophecy - Book 2: The Awakening

Second Prophecy - Book 2: The Awakening: Amazon kindle price

A bit more ...



Eleanor looked around nervously. Acrid air burned her lungs and stung her eyes. She was surrounded by the smoking, hellish landscape that frequented all of her nightmares. She’d been having dreams about the end of the world since childhood, and as terrifying as they were she prayed to God that they could finally come true so that the torment would stop. The backdrop was set, but as she waited for the horror to begin something caught her eye.

Even though it was the middle of the day she could see a star in the sky above. Eleanor watched as it grew bigger and brighter. She watched as it grew into the moon, then it grew into a mountain floating in the sky, and then it became a city. A city so wonderful that none could resist it, but it also brought something terrible. The city was so big that the earth couldn’t contain it. The ground trembled and quaked until it felt like nothing could possibly stand up against the violence. It would be safe in the city, but first she had to reach it.

Eleanor tried to run but there was something holding her back. She could feel a hand keeping her in the crumbling world, keeping her from the safety of the city walls. When she looked back there was nobody there, just the shattered world that was getting worse by the second. The ground was breaking apart and falling away into fiery chasms that threatened to swallow her. She strained against the force that was holding her and fought it with all her might. Inch by inch she crawled towards her salvation, clawing her way across the burning earth, finally reaching the city gates only to find them locked. She couldn’t pay the price to get in. Eleanor pounded and hollered for the gate to be opened as the crumbling world was catching up to her, devouring everything into a burning tempest. At the last second the gates swung free and she dashed inside to safety, but it was too late. When her feet passed over the threshold she plunged into the flames below as a voice laughed. An unfamiliar voice that she knew all too well.

About the Main Characters

Eva and Elle are two friends who feel like they’ve been put through the wringer of life. While they’re both successful in their own field of study, neither of them can seem to keep a relationship together. With their self-esteem at an all-time low the ladies book a cruise to see the Holy sites of the Mediterranean in an attempt to reconnect with God and their own spirituality. Little did they, or anyone else, know that this trip was going to be the beginning of the end of the world. It seems that even the Aiōn, the mysterious angels of Heaven, weren’t expecting it to happen.

It takes a lot to get an angel’s attention, so when a small brotherhood of Aiōn are caught off guard they take it seriously. Some want to deal with the matter directly while others insist that they wait for instructions from a higher authority. The only thing they can all agree on is that this apparent Armageddon is out of place even though the balance of the universe seems to be in check. While the all-knowing Aiōn don’t care much for mysteries, some are more patient than others when it comes to getting the answers they seek.

What makes this book different from others?

A mystical combination of action and drama, with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure, Second Prophecy is a page-turner that will captivate you in a present-day world that slowly grinds to a halt while it’s transformed into the apocalyptic world as described in the Bible. Even though Second Prophecy is based on scripture, I’ve avoided making it a preachy story that tells people how to live their lives. The characters are flawed and struggle like the rest of us would as they try to make sense of what is happening around them.

Apocalyptic fantasy has become a popular topic for novels these days, but unfortunately most of these books have little to do with the biblical apocalypse from where this idea originated. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that most apocalyptic writers borrow from the Bible to set their theme, but it does disappoint me that they can’t be bothered to research the parts that they take. I think this happens because most people have trouble understanding biblical scripture. As a result, writers often misinterpret their source and use it incorrectly or incompletely, but their audience is equally uninformed so they don’t notice the inconsistencies. Loading up their stories with undead, super plagues or gun-wielding angels is an easy way out for the writer, and some readers would probably think those are neat ideas, but I don’t feel that’s the best way to handle such situations. It’s definitely more work to write in the proper elements, and explaining why they are relevant, but in the end it would be a much better story while also being accurate. This is how I prefer to write.

While there are definitely a lot of fantasy elements in Second Prophecy, most of them are inspired by the Bible itself. If you don’t know much about apocalyptic prophecy then you’ll probably learn something by reading my book and enjoy yourself while doing it. If you are familiar with the Bible then you won’t be constantly saying, “Hey! That’s not how it’s supposed to happen!” In fact, the more you know about the Bible, the more you might say “Hmmm… that could actually happen. I hadn’t thought of it that way.” The ultimate goal for Second Prophecy is to deliver a well-researched, well written and thought-provoking story, otherwise it would be a terrible waste of fifteen years of research. You will enjoy the characters, even if you don’t like them all, and you will definitely come away from it with the realization that the Bible isn’t as boring as you’ve been made to think. I feel I also need to say that there are no zombies, vampires or werewolves in this apocalypse – it is much too interesting for that.

Angelic Name Generator

For a bit of fun I've made this document that will allow you to come up with your own 'angelic name' that is similar to biblical angelic names. It's a bit more involved than other fictional name generators on the internet, but I wanted something with more variety so people with the same initials would still come up with different names. Pass it along to anyone you think would enjoy it.


While based on the Hebrew language, I am not a Hebrew scholar. This name generator is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be taken as literally accurate, nor is it intended to be blasphemous in any way. Click on the image to view the full PDF document.

Second Prophecy: Angelic Name Generator


Frequently Anticipated Questions

When is the third book coming out?

The writing of Book III has begun with the first five chapters comprising of about 23,000 words. I truly enjoy this series, but again it comes down to the time I have and the demand for my work. Currently I see the most interest in my Adventure Tome series so I hope to progress with that until Second Prophecy gains more interest.

Is it true that some of the main characters are based on real people?

Yes. Eva is based on my incredible wife Ann while Elle is based on a dear, old friend whose dreams and premonitions are the initial inspiration for this series. It’s a rare thing to know somebody with a gift for tapping into the unknown, let alone having recollection of her life before being born, so much of what she told me over the years has crept into Second Prophecy to flesh out Elle and enhance the books altogether.

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